Queens boulevard

'I haven’t seen a bike lane used as a hostage or a bargaining chip.'
One DOT source says the de Blasio administration's backroom negotiations with one Queens Council Member have put the bike lane expansion on hold.
Parking in the bike lane was taken to new heights this week, as a car lot stored their extra cars in the Queens Boulevard bike lane.
The DOT will start implementing the lanes this summer.
It's a great name until someone gets hurt.
"I hate to see potential DIE!!" rapper Meek Mill wrote in response to the news.
According to a DOT release, the first phase of the $100 million, 7-mile Queens Boulevard overhaul is set to begin in August, stretching 1.3 miles from Roosevelt Avenue to 73rd Street.
Raccoons have been hard at work trying to steal the city from homo sapiens.
An 83-year-old man was seriously injured after a hit-and-run driver knocked him through a window of the Silver Towers Building in Kew Gardens around this morning.
"Bloomberg is supposed to be for all the cyclists—and there are no accommodations for cyclists on that street."
In the 1960s, Mary Sendek refused to sell her home and plot of land to Macy's, who had to redesign their store's plans for the area.
Remember that barely legal fixed gear bike race through the rain-soaked, cobblestone
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