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Under new rules that go into effect Monday January 31st, the quarantine period for students who test positive is being reduced from 10 days to five with some conditions.

This week, the city enacted new, looser guidelines for quarantining students and staff in public schools, and parents have found them confusing.

Parents and members of the Spring Creek High School community say they were unaware of the scope of the incident, which showcases gaps in COVID policy and communication for New York City schools.

Outbreak and staffing data shed the first light on the murky criteria dictating when New York City schools might close due to COVID.

The mayor is returning to once-a-week COVID testing in schools, and making it easier for unvaccinated students to stay in class.

Hotel owners said the quarantine deterred visitors and made it harder for them to hang on during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Especially with the variants, we want to limit how they move throughout our country, therefore, having people going without any quarantine is worrisome to me."

Jobless benefits for millions across the country end December 26th.

“Sheriff teams will be out in force as the holidays approach."

Over 50 people were infected with coronavirus and around 300 more have been forced to quarantine after a pair of "superspreader" social events on Long Island recently.