Her name is Salvador Dolly and she is five weeks old.
The woman who found the puppy's body says she didn't tell the MTA because the agency didn't deserve to know.
An innocent puppy who did absolutely nothing wrong slipped out of her harness and ran onto the subway tracks at the Herald Square station on Thursday.
This is for people who love watching dumb beautiful idiots traipsing through a winter wonderland.
Fritz visited NYC to show his many imitators that you can't fake being completely uncoordinated—you have to earn that distinction through exhaustive and adorable hopelessness.
Bella Mia is so pampered, she appears semi-comatose at times, almost like one of the oversized humans from 'Wall-E.' Unlike them, she need never fear having to learn any other way of living.
The puppy suffered several broken bones and bruised paws and shoulders, and had asphalt embedded in his skin.
The giant service dog you can see in the photos above was spotted on the R train today by one tipster: "It was weird as hell." [Update Below]
According to court documents, Oscar, a 7-year-old chow and golden retriever mix, is "dangerous and has attacked and bitten Building residents and staff on many occasions."
Tomorrow, the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island will be holding "Joey's" Fan Appreciation Day, and you'll have a chance to meet Joey in person!
Joey's walking, eating and barking again, and he'll be up for adoption in one month! "We are not 100 percent sure he will ever walk normally, but he will be able to walk and run."
"Maybe you don't care about an animal, but do you care about your fellow human being or a child?" said the chief of the Suffolk SPCA. "Because people like that have no regard for anybody."
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