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“The World Premiere First Ever Double Magnificent Intergalactic MINIATURE Halloween Parade” will stream online on October 31st.

Watch below and get ensnared by the puppet prog.

If you won't listen to us about clipping your fingernails and popping your zits on the subway, maybe you'll listen to the puppets.

Pete Holmes' “New Material Seinfeld” is a blue felt puppet who wears a tiny Jerry Seinfeld wig and is indistinguishable from real life Jerry.

As we were reading Grantland today, we saw a link to a behind-the-scenes look at Kanye West's puppet show...and would you look at that: a pre-sex tape Kim Kardashian wearing Princess Leia's metal bikini.

Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot just dropped this video for his song "Stoop Sale" and it's pretty cute.

The "Puppets on Film" exhibit at BAM this weekend and next proves there's more to puppets than just Kermit.

69ºS, part of BAM's Next Wave Festival, is a puppet show unlike any puppet show you've ever seen before.

Just as many politicians are only now starting to dip their toes into the Occupy Wall Street waters, so too are Taiwanese animators, documentarians and puppets. Check out multiple videos below.