Get outside and delight in 7,000 hand-carved pumpkins.
This year's display features a mad squash scientist whose teeth are all fangs.
The NYPD referred to the gourd murderer as a 'tough guy.'
Watch some pumpkins get hurled into the air over Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.
Just as Pumpkin Spice was making its slow, graceful exit from the stage, as it does every November, its back... in burger form.
Brooklyn was in fine form, with the top prize going to a dog dressed as nerd fave Ira Glass.
There's somewhere around FIFTY pumpkin flavored items on the shelves of Trader Joe's.
A recipe for steamed pumpkin milk... just add rum!
This Halloween, blow up your decorative gourds, m*therf*cker.
Send us photos of pumpkins and ghosts, please.
Check out the insane detailing of this zombie carved out of a massive pumpkin.
Behold, the great pumpkin sandwich to help you celebrate the season.
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