Yuk Cheung faces up to two years in prison if convicted.
Here is a video of a pug dressed as Santa walking around NYC... what else have you got to do for the next seven minutes?
Brachycephalic pet owners, be careful!
Photo of Reggie Carlson Police in New Jersey say a 20-pound
Jon Hill/Gothamist Chrissie Brodigan, the pug owner whose shocking arrest gripped
It's hard to win when you are accused by a 60-something-year-old
Reginald Carlson Jennifer Aniston's co-star (and maybe-beau), Gerard Butler, is back
Chrissie Brodigan, the subway rider whose confrontation with a police officer
Jon Hill/Gothamist Two citations issued to arrested pug owner Chrissie Brodigan
Chrissie Brodigan A Greenpoint woman's altercation with a police officer over
Chrissie Brodigan argues with Officer Joel Witriol during her arrest for
Officer Joel Witriol Though some bloggers have shrugged off Monday's allegedly
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