Public urination

Reports said that the victim was peeing, but the victim told police he was throwing away garbage.
The Council wants to cut down on the disproportionate arrests of black and Hispanic New Yorkers.
What if we fancy them up by calling them Pissoirs?
Cops would be encouraged to treat littering, public urination, public consumption of alcohol, breaking certain park rules, and making excessive noise as civil offenses.
He's hosting an event to adjudicate low-level offenses this Saturday in East New York.
Broken Windows 4 Ever.
The street are flowing with piss.
The tabloid takes issue with the City Council Speaker's push to decriminalize certain low-level offenses.
"They gave me five tickets in the same week, in the same neighborhood. They just know my face."
This happened at the Franklin Avenue subway station.
Five officers in the 79th Precinct are reportedly under investigation for allegedly assaulting 26-year-old Josh Williams. One of the officers allegedly used an anti-gay slur during the arrest.
"What if you can't afford to be a paying customer?"
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