Public theater

It’s impossible to keep up with everything happening in New York City arts and culture, but here are a few recommendations for events you shouldn’t miss.
Anonymous threats have been made against the Public Theater's director as well as other Shakespeare companies across the country.
She yelled, 'You cannot promote this kind of violence against Donald Trump!'
Trump's oldest son concurs that "events like today are EXACTLY why we took issue with NY elites glorifying the assassination of our president."
The Public Theatre's Julius Caesar opened last night amid ongoing controversy surrounding the title character's Trump-like depiction, and hours after a third sponsor, American Express, distanced itself from the production.
'Julius Caesar' is the first play, then 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' closes out the season.
If a 75 minute word-for-word reenactment of a court case doesn't make you giddy with anticipation, then you're probably not familiar with Elevator Repair Service.
The care serves hot dogs, sandwiches and frozen treats like Iced Push-Up Pops for pre-theatre and Central Park visitors alike.
The inimitable playwright and director Richard Foreman has returned to theater with a new production called Old Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance).
Let's look inside the Public's Theater's brand new restaurant, The Library.
This Saturday, The Public Theater will celebrate its reopening after a multi-million dollar renovation with a free all-day block party.
Anne Hathaway will sing songs from Cabaret!
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