Public spaces

How do city officials ensure that private developers tasked to build public spaces will create something that truly has the public interest at heart?
The origin of the green chairs can be traced back to one urban planner's observation that 'New York is a tough town to sit in.'
The lack of protected public spaces for free speech and protest in NYC is the subject of a design competition, exhibit and architectural symposium happening in Manhattan this month.
Today various civil rights groups fired off a letter to the DOB, asking them to "ensure that Zuccotti Park is open and accessible to all members of the public on an equal basis."
Creative Time always has some pretty cool stuff going on, their latest
Like many, whenever we traverse any streets along Grand Army Plaza,
Police arrested 16 year old Francisco Baez for the murder of Taishawn
The battle for Washington Square Park rages on! Metro reports that
Interesting - the Post has a sorta followup to yesterday's Daily
The sun was almost shining yesterday when we headed over to
Yesterday, there was a press conference to herald the formation of the
Jane Jacobs, the urban activist whose influential book The Death and Life
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