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Here’s what families should know about the changes in COVID-19 protocols during the third school year under the pandemic.

The state previously advised schools to allow students who had been exposed to return to school only by testing out of quarantine, but that policy is also being eliminated.

The company that sold 160,000 air purifiers to the Department of Education benefited from a lobbying campaign that reached high into the upper ranks of City Hall.

This year, 97% of the city’s estimated 67,320 kindergarten students were automatically enrolled into the program, with 3% choosing not to participate.

High school admissions for NYC's public schools have changed, leaving parents and students overwhelmed.

Some teachers pointed to math assessments with 20-25 problems in small font squeezed onto a single page that elementary schoolers are supposed to complete within three minutes or less.

"We do have to be honest that there's a substantial number of children for whatever reason, parents are not bringing them to school. I have to make sure children are educated.”

Dr. Mary Bassett, who was once New York City’s health commissioner, is advising everyone to get booster shots if eligible, wear masks indoors and get tested before attending family gatherings.

One principal said hundreds of students were in quarantine and dozens of teachers were absent.

Parents are also reporting their children are being removed from the city’s opt-in testing program after only a first dose of vaccine.