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One of the victims said, "He kept yelling at me from his car, like following me, and saying, 'I'm not done yet.'"

The man who allegedly exposed himself to two young girls last week was arrested today, and revealed to be an NYPD officer himself.

Police are searching for a man who exposed himself to two girls in the Schuylerville neighborhood in the Bronx.

The rape and sexual assaults were discovered while police officers were investigating the public lewdness incidents.

His attorney said, 'They played on his trusts and put him through a process that he didn't think was aimed at him.'

The victim left the train at Union Square. The alleged masturbator remained on the train.

This happened at the 145th Street 1 train station in Harlem.

Port Authority police officers were found to be making false public lewdness arrests based on specious urinal observations nearly 15 years ago.