Public housing

The mayor on Saturday joined public housing residents in Brooklyn to celebrate one of his key agenda items in Albany — the creation of a new public trust that will provide more federal money for repairs.
Legislation under debate in Albany would make fundamental changes in how thousands of public housing units in the city are classified. Many tenants say they fear it will lead to an erosion of their protections under federal law.
Hochul's focus on NYCHA marks a striking departure from previous governors.
President Joe Biden proposed $40 billion in public housing funds. Dozens of congressional Democrats are calling for $70 billion.
Grant Houses alone had 877 work orders filed for cockroaches through September 10th of last year.
The authority could need as much as $68.5 billion by 2028.
'It’s a constant fear of what’s going to happen.'
The announcement comes after protests over the de Blasio administration’s plan to partner with private developers to build new mixed-income buildings on NYCHA land.
'People are voluntarily giving up thousands of dollars worth of food when they're desperately poor because [they think] the alternative is having a parent deported.'
Across the country, civil liberties groups have been raising scrutiny on facial recognition, a largely unregulated and easily accessible software that has seen its application widen over the years.
The agency has decided to withdraw a plan to build a mixed-income tower at one of its Upper East Side housing complexes in hopes of putting forth a new plan that would likely have more market-rate units.
Federal housing officials announced on Friday the appointment of a private investigator and former Manhattan prosecutor for the role of overseeing the New York City Housing Authority.
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