Public hospitals

At a news event announcing $111 million infusion of money for city-run hospitals, the mayor said New Yorkers' lives should not be "defined by COVID."
Meanwhile, the state’s largest private health care provider, Northwell Health, fired about two dozen unvaccinated workers on Monday.
Calling the mandate for public healthcare workers "a great first step," Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city will consider extending the requirement to other city employees.
"It feels like the first bit of sunlight in the morning after a very dark and frightening night."
The demand for hazard pay reflects the broader debate on how government should compensate essential workers who have risked their lives to fight the pandemic.
The state has the highest number of Zika cases nationwide, but some of the city's most vulnerable populations aren't being tested.
Among other reforms, the mayor suggested selling underutilized hospital land to affordable housing developers.
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