Public bathrooms

Congrats to the dads!
Charmin is putting the 'move' back in bowel movements.
One intrepid New Yorker has done the hard work of finding and rating public bathrooms all over town.
Would you treat your grandmother's bathroom like that?
Other NYC-centric topics tackled this week include what to do when you lose your bike lock, the insufferable gallery art scene, and TOILET RAT.
Inadequately trained park employees are locking unsuspecting park patrons inside restrooms.
It seems Starbucks acted quick to end the "Starbucks Pee Panic of 2011:" "Within days...higher-ups from Starbucks management visited at least two offending shops and ordered them to liberate their restrooms."
“Starbucks cannot be the public bathroom in the city anymore,” a source told the Post. Oh no! How will the Starbucks masturbator complete his mission now?
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