Public art fund

Pope.L and Public Art Fund will take over the streets of Downtown Manhattan with Conquest, the artist’s most ambitious performance to date.
Groundbreaking Cuban artist Carmen Herrera's brightly colored large-scale sculptures, Estructuras Monumentales, have arrived in City Hall Park. Free and open for the public to enjoy, the vivid red, blue, green, and yellow sculptures are the culmination of Herrera's long interest in three-dimensional minimalism. [sponsor]
Podcast: Now Available for Download! Jeffrey Wright, Ai Weiwei, Danny Meyer, Xaviera Simmons, Darren Walker, Paola Mendoza, and more. [sponsor]
Public Art Fund has just unveiled Subliminal Standard, an immersive painted sculpture
The Union Square public art piece has never worked as it should and is in neglect, one of its creators says.
Tony Oursler: Tear of the Cloud is on view for just two more nights. Make sure to catch this quintessential fall outdoor artwork this week, a must see this Halloween season!
Dazzle camoflage was using in World War I to evade enemy ships. Now it's fun for the whole freaking family.
With 300 site-specific works spread throughout the five boroughs, the exhibition is the largest public art project to date for both Ai Weiwei and the Public Art Fund.
Locals had been protesting the installation of Ai Weiwei's piece in Washington Square Park, one of over 300 being installed around the five boroughs.
The site-specific installations will soon come to Central Park, the Unisphere in Queens, and, most controversially, Washington Square Park.
Portal coming soon. But not SOON ENOUGH.
Artist Tino Sehgal has instructed his performers to serenade random passersby, bursting into whatever song first comes to mind when they spot their audience.
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