Mental health professionals provide insight into how medical workers have struggled — and coped — during the pandemic so far, and what types of services they might need moving forward.
"Being trapped like that can cause an acute stress disorder. People can develop panic attacks, flashbacks, and severe sleep disturbances."
"People... don't want to be a member of this stigmatized group."
"When prosecutors don't cooperate, it's because they are concerned about the strength of their case."
The soldier accused of massacring 16 Afghan civilians, including women and children, made an ominous and disturbing Facebook comment during an exchange with a friend back home in 2010.
Flickr user bitchcakesny A judge has dismissed a former Fox News
As if getting to do MMA fighting despite getting pension for
The lobby where Walter Harvin was allegedly beaten while handcuffed. It
There's a simple explanation for why Port Authority cop William Burns
Travis and his owner, courtesy The Stamford Herald A therapist told
Former NYPD detective Brian Tuitt, who once tracked down pedophiles online,
Last week, a retired NYPD cop was arrested for taking the
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