A physical post-Covid landscape -- and a powerful place of mourning -- has been created inside Performance Space New York in the East Village.
Chef Mina Stone brings a spectacular 'pizza boat' to Queens.
The exhibition is called Disappearing Acts, and it features 165 sculptures, sound installations, paintings, videos, conceptual pieces, and live performances, and it fills all of the sixth floor at MoMA and the entire building at PS1.
Check out three new exhibitions by artists Cao Fei, Rodney McMillian, and Thea Djordjadze.
The exhibition, which is staged every five years, features work from 157 artists.
Some people still had (soggy) fun though.
It's essentially a patty made from spaghetti, topped with Caesar salad and stuffed between garlic bread buns.
The installation's self-generating fungus which will grow upwards in the form of organic bricks.
No need to BYO Fungus to the dance party this year!
Buy a book and meet the bespectacled (wo)man of your dreams at The NY Art Book Fair!
Here's a look around PS1's ambitious new exhibit, Expo 1: New York, which is inspired by the World's Fair and ecological crises.
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