Ps 199

"We're going to Catholic School," one parent said. "And I'm Jewish, so I'm really not happy. We already have the paperwork."
The plan involves rezoning three buildings in the Lincoln Towers complex out of a highly-coveted school district.
"It seems that the people living closest to 199 are being punished by being sent to another school just because they want to somehow diversify the student body."
Hundreds of residents joined local politicians on Saturday to protest a proposed school rezoning they say would unnecessarily divide an UWS community that has sent its children to the same elementary school for half a century.
"I've heard about kids who were uninvited to playdates because their parents are in favor of the move."
"If we don't want to go to 61st street, what happens to us?"
"DOE did not get the precise zone map it wanted, so it took its ball and went home."
"The community here is like this: If you're not rich, you get treated like shit."
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