Ps 122

Under the Radar isn't the only genre-busting experimental theater festival happening this month—P.S. 122 has just kicked off its 7th annual COIL Festival of experimental dance, theater and performance works.
No reason to be afraid, Silence! The Musical is exactly what you think it is. And that's a good thing.
Jahnke, on the floor, with cast and crew of Men Go
Liz Liguori After over a decade of cultural dumpster diving on
Justin Bernhaut Those Tibetan Buddhists who spend their days toiling over
Justin Bernhaut The National Theater of the United States of America
Over a dozen Broadway musicals and plays will close this month,
Ian Savage The Debate Society, arguably New York's most charming theater company,
Richard Termine On his birthday in October 2001, theatrical gearhead Joe Silovsky
Tasja Keetman If you like a little sensual touch with your performance
Adam Koplan With minimal props (a quill pen, a gas mask), rich
Wow, this show is bizarre. But bizarre in a way that carries
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