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The Rolling Stones played the last show of their brief-but-thrilling "50 and Counting" Tour at Newark's Prudential Center last night with a little help from some famous friends.

Thom Yorke and his bouncing ponytail were appreciative fans made it to Newark for the shows: "Thanks for coming all the way out here...Wherever this may be,” he told the crowd the first night.

"The one guy spit at me, all over my face and jersey. Another guy pushed me and right after that, a third guy grabbed me around the neck and pushed me, very hard."

Newark police say that the previous violence was an anomaly.

Springsteen took a sign from a fan asking for something to be played for recently deceased Levon Helm. He ended up playing a beautiful, never-before-played off-the-cuff rendition of "The Weight" accompanied by the E-Street Band

Chris Christie said of the Nets leaving, "Good riddance." Some fans are relieved, though, to ditch the temporary home.

Once again, our precious Radiohead has bypassed Madison Square Garden in favor of venues in New Jersey.