Proud boys

Dominic Pezzola of Rochester was also highlighted in video evidence of the Capitol riots at the impeachment trial hearings for former President Donald Trump.
Pepe was identified as part of a group of Proud Boys who gathered near an entrance to the Capitol grounds on January 6th and chanted "F*** Antifa" and "We love Trump."
They are MAGA in miniature—a coalition of adherents of a variety of extremist ideologies, often radicalized online, and always aligned in support of former President Donald Trump
The FBI recovered 1,000 rounds of rifle ammo, 2 dozen shotgun rounds, 75 combat knives, 2 hatchets, and 2 swords from his home, according to a criminal complaint.
'Crawl back into your hole, Bigot Boys—there's no place for hate in our state,' Cuomo responded.
Prosecutors had requested five years in prison for both Proud Boys, on the grounds that Hare threw the first punch, while Kinsman was the most vicious.
They will be sentenced on October 11th, and face up to 15 years in prison.
Civil liberties advocates and criminal defense attorneys said the Manhattan case was the first time they had ever seen the use of this surveillance technique in New York City.
But a mix of internal infighting and legal consequences has thrown the group into chaos in recent weeks.
The NYPD has arrested another Proud Boy.
'This defendant was the most violent attacker of the Proud Boys and their associates.'
According to police, Irvin Antillon, Douglas Lennan, and Maxwell Hare were all arrested and charged with riot and assault.
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