If the first court-ordered monitor is a guide, it could be a long, tedious process before any real change in how the NYPD handles protests.
Protesters, and those caught up in demonstrations, are beginning to file notice of claims for excessive force and other civil rights violations.
Asked what specifically he planned to do, Trump replied: "We’re going to have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you."
"You each have the authority to prosecute, decline to prosecute, or dismiss all the cases within your jurisdictions, including summons prosecutions. We ask you to exercise that discretion."
The driver was taken into custody, but ultimately not charged.
Protesters have faced attacks including a man swinging a knife-studded glove at a group, a man gunning a truck where a protester was standing, and a man ripping fliers and ramming his bicycle into a protester.
'Hong Kong is the new Berlin,' Wong said.
The lobbying firm Kivvit, which represents Alliance For Rental Excellence, boasts at least four current employees on its website who have worked for the governor.
A Cuomo spokesman also referred to the action as "protest for protest's sake."
"I feel like we were in this bubble and I had no idea there was an audience for what Trump is peddling," said one distraught woman at Rockefeller Center.
It's the best garbage truck wall midtown has ever seen, really fabulous.
"Don't vote Hillary, she's killing black people," some protesters chanted.
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