Hundreds upon hundreds of abortion rights supporters marched from Brooklyn to Manhattan in one of several mass demonstrations around the country.
Abortion rights activists marched in the rain on Saturday in the wake of the Supreme Court memo leak.
The CCRB faces a statute of limitations deadline of May 4th for civilian complaints over the NYPD’s response to the 2020 protests in New York City. Staff members say it’s struggled to fully investigate allegations, both because of a lack of cooperation from the police department and mistakes made within the oversight agency.
Video of the incident had dominated news coverage of the demonstrations.
The 'Moral March on Wall Street' is part of a nationwide effort to enact fairer economic policies.
Governor Kathy Hochul said she will allow a statewide eviction moratorium to expire Saturday, noting that it was never intended to be permanent. Instead of pushing for a new extension, tenant advocates have turned their attention to a state bill introduced in 2019.
Harlem residents say their neighborhood is bearing the brunt of opioid prevention programs that other neighborhoods fight to keep out. This trend puts commuter patients at risk, too.
The crowd, which numbered in the thousands, included a large presence of police and firefighters, proudly displaying their stationhouses and precincts.
Several protesters pushed through the barriers to get to the front doors of the arena, where they stood nose-to-nose with security guards.
Mayor de Blasio can unilaterally issue some mandates, but Gov. Hochul could need legislative assistance for her plans. A law school president explains the reasons.
The museum was the backdrop of a protest against the museum’s board co-chair Jonathan Chu, a prominent Chinatown landlord who is being blamed for the closure of a beloved dim sum restaurant and the loss of jobs.
"I have enormous respect for essential workers, but the plan here would ruin an amazing green space in Battery Park."
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