Prostitution ring

The escorts would charge $400-2000/hour.
Also, the stroller dad allegedly borrowed $45,000 from his mom to start the hooker ring.
When an undercover cop asked to see Japanese hookers, he was told that the Japanese girls don't "do full service."
From L to R: Maryna Rogozhyna, Natalia Cataraso, Alla Gindin, Rano
In any story about a prostitution ring there are a few
The 23-year-old woman who helped run the prostitution ring that counted former
Okay, not all the details of East Side madam Kristin Davis's black
Surprise, surprise: Eliot Spitzer is being linked to Kristin "Billie" Davis's prostitution
Ashley Dupré has become a "don't" in the world of scandalites for
Yesterday afternoon a 32-year-old woman was busted for running a prostitution ring
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