Authorities say the victim is a prostitute who met the men via
It's believed the cop made the arrangements while on-duty.
Prosecutors say a sex worker who was kidnapped and raped while being held hostage for two days broke her legs and back when she jumped out a sixth-floor window in an attempt to escape.
When asked if his father was busted, the alleged pimp's son replied, "oh yeah."
Her fiance—who she was seeing when he was still married—is now divorced.
“They had arranged to have a bunch of prostitutes come by and one of the agents refused to pay a prostitute,” said Secret Service expert Ronald Kessler. “Yes, doubly good judgement there.”
John Edwards has denied Do we believe him?
In the suit, the girl alleges Taylor told her that she had been “sold” to him for $500—then he forced her to dance naked at parties and service adult men in January 2008.
A Queens Imam has been arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover cop.
A Hunts Points prostitute testified in the Bronx yesterday in the trial of an accused serial sex assaulter: "‘Open your legs or I’ll cut your p----,’" he allegedly threatened her.
Nearly six months after bodies of murdered prostitutes started turning up on a Long Island beach, prostitutes are being extra careful about who they work with.
Giants legend Lawrence Taylor was sentenced to six years probation for
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