Prosperity dumpling

They'll be opening up in Bensonhurst on 86th Street.
Hopefully now equipped with a proper prep kitchen.
What is the proper way to eulogize a dumpling establishment shuttered (temporarily!) by the Health Department for producing its food in a back alley filled with rats and a kitchen filled with cockroaches?
Would that a lone rat were the worst of the restaurant's woes.
Well, it wasn't the back alley dumpling facility that got Prosperity Dumpling shut down. It was...the severe roach infestation
How many rats can you count?
The line at Prosperity Dumpling is a consistently impressive cross-section of the city. The food is pretty good too.
Few foods kill hunger quite like a solid batch of dumplings, be they boiled or fried, filled with vegetables, meat or shrimp. Here's where to get the best ones.
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