Prospect park zoo

The zoo did not specify what Willow named her cubs, but to me, they look like Scooter (famously a mischief-maker) and Pete (calmer, curious, quiet chaos).
Why doesn't anyone care about Brooklyn's Mandarin ducks?
Let them judge you with their expressive eyes and brows.
FYI, "Red panda cubs are born with a very soft, plush light brown coat that eventually becomes more coarse."
In New York City, where a pileup of raccoons is enough to electrify the internet for a solid day, pigs are exotic zoo animals.
If there a national turtle contest, Brooklyn would win. Check out these three tiny turtles who just hatched in Prospect Park.
Franklin has never seen the ocean, and other Franklin facts.
Brooklyn welcomes three river otter triplets!
They are sharpening their skills!
These babies were born last November.
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