Prospect park south

"We'll bring some snacks and just sit in front of the Halloween house," one fan told Gothamist.
"This is also the first year we've gotten notes and cards slipped in the mail slot thanking us, and saying things like, 'This is exactly what we needed this year.'"
Of all the amazing, intense and over-the-top Halloween displays in the city, this one may be the best.
'When Halloween's over I have to take down all that crap and carry back into the basement.'
The suspect faces murder and burglary charges.
The murder stunned the quiet Brooklyn neighborhood.
The victim reportedly made the offer when he heard one of the suspects complain he didn't have enough money.
Police say the victim was punched repeatedly after she fought back.
Three suspects came up behind him, pressed a gun to his back and demanded, give me money or I'll shoot you.
[UPDATE BELOW] It's turning out to be a bad day for
Last night around 8:30 p.m., a man walked into the Parkside
Oh no! An 8-month-old baby bitten by a family dog was pronounced
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