Prospect park lake

The cause of death has yet to be determined.
The girl's cousin was found safe, but covered in algae.
Dog chases ducks. Woman chases dog.
Another bird has been injured by a barbed hook in Prospect Park. Related: Fishermen have received no summonses this year for breaking city rules.
Prospect Park Lake got some new residents this weekend: baby swans! Or, rather, cygnets.
Canada geese family! (Photos courtesy of Anne-Katrin Titze) There's nothing like
Photos of the injured swan before and during examination, courtesy of
Remember H9Z4? How could you forget this face! He's been given
Photo via FlySi's flickr The owner of a poodle who drowned
Photo of rescued swan courtesy of Anne-Katrin Titze Last night we
Photo via bigbabymiguel's flickr Ah, 2010—the year that Prospect Park became
Photo by Josh Kesner The war between humans, humans with fishhooks,
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