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New York City tends to quiet down in the winter, but the critters inhabiting its parks still manage to keep wildlife technician Marty Woess running around.

There will be a few major new landscapes in the area, including a sensory garden/rustic arbor, a nature play area, and a combined amphitheater and community building. There will also be new bathrooms.

More than 3,000 fully grown trees were uprooted across the five boroughs, the most since Hurricane Sandy, when more than 10,000 trees came crashing down.

Did you know that the arch was once in so much disrepair that the figure actually fell from her chariot?

"Everything is destroyed," said his wife, who was in the middle of a divorce when he disappeared.

One couple spent $13,000 and another paid a $12,000 deposit to have their weddings at the popular venue.

Prospect Park doesn't just wake up looking like this.

Thanks Obama! A Parks Department employee confirmed that yes, the whole park will be closed from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Scott told us, "those without the $$ or the interest deserve a spring weekend in the Nethermeade without a branded sh*tshow."