Prospect lefferts gardens

Close to 100 onlookers gathered on Friday to send off the stuck bus, which had become a strange neighborhood attraction in Prospect Lefferts Garden
A spokesperson for the Department of Buildings said the bus had structurally damaged an internal load-bearing masonry wall, as well as the first-floor and basement exterior, and that the building was no longer safe to occupy.
The boy is in stable condition.
"And Sons" is a labor of love from two Prospect Lefferts Gardens locals.
Prospect Lefferts Gardens got a winner with this family-friendly neighborhood restaurant.
There are five different types of ramen on the menu, plus lots of smoked meats.
The case substantiates one of the sharpest criticisms against Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms: that it incentivizes greedy landlords to harass and force out rent-stabilized tenants to make room for illegal hotel schemes.
Greenlight Bookstore, Books Are Magic, Word and others are worried that a number of new requirements and proposals, including mandatory paid time off, could make it impossible to stay afloat.
The suspect is an 18-year-old alleged member of MS-13.
The restaurant specializes in "pinsa," a variation of pizza that's a common snack on the streets of the Italian capital.
Police are investigating the woman's death as a suicide.
The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn chronicles the invention of neighborhood names like Boerum Hill and the beginning of the white middle-class search for authenticity in the city.
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