The Internet was outraged by the proposal, which occurred at mile 16 of the marathon.
Maybe real life is a little more like 'The Proposal' than we ever realized.
Firefighters really like to propose to their girlfriends during Fire Academy.
What if a superhighway were running over our rooftops?
For all the horrors to which we're routinely subjected on the subway, isn't it nice to witness the moment two souls agree to intertwine into one beautiful soul-rope, someday forming the noose that will finish them both?
Trick question: Citi Field doesn't even offer scoreboard proposals!
Pizza Hut is offering you the chance to spend $10,010 on their Pizza Proposal Package, America.
The most impressive part of this whole proposal is how empty the Rockefeller Center ice rink is.
Who doesn't love a proposal amplified by hundreds of protesters and passersby?
In which a Gothamist writer asks his boyfriend of five years to make an honest man of him.
A man proposes to his girlfriend via a personalized mural in the East Village. Warning: IT'S REALLY CUTE.
A photographer inadvertently captured an engagement by Bethesda Fountain this past weekend.
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