A graffiti artist has made his own subterranean contribution to the "propaganda war" on terror.
Free the Selfie Six.
"Leveraging…timely and accurate information" is not the same thing as improving transparency.
An NYPD officer saved the life of an infant girl in the Bronx yesterday, reviving her from cardiac arrest with a series of chest compressions.
Today's cover of the New York Post promises propaganda so sloppy, one would hope that 1 Police Plaza is cringing.
Would you believe there are serious problems with this line of reasoning?
Are armed criminals now taunting a powerless police department?
The Post report, featuring several unnamed "police sources," is staggering in it's disregard of reality.
Paul "Prevaricatin'" Browne, the man New Yorkers pay over $100,000 a year to lie about NYPD misconduct, will go shovel bullshit somewhere else.
State-run media in North Korea has released this video showing an American city that appears to be New York going up in flames under a barrage of missiles.
Superb footage from the 50's showing the city empty out for an air raid drill, demonstrating the proper "duck and cover" technique, and sure-fire tips on spotting a communist.
Contrary to what the NYPD originally claimed, the anti-Islamic propaganda film The Third Jihad was screened on a continuous loop for over 1,000 officers.
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