When the Department of Transportation installed audio recordings at over a dozen intersections to aid the visually impaired while crossing, they enlisted native Brooklynite, Dennis Ferrara, to provide an, ah, authentic New York voice recording.
We get some expert advice on how to tackle traffic tongue-twisters like Spuyten Duyvil, Kosciuszko, and Goethals.
Debate rages about the proper pronunciation of the dreaded Van Wyck Expressway: Is it Van WICK (as in "stick") or, as some Dutch linguistic purists insist, Van WIKE (as in "like")?
There has been a lot of tawk about the death, or
Why wouldn't we want to be associated with this lot? Do
Some famous NYers with accents, via BBC Over the last year,
To linguists our city is part of what’s known as the
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