"If someone...has been empowered by holding his gun and going abusing it and killing innocent people, he should not be entitled to do the same work."
The new detective was clutching his gunshot wound with his left hand and managed to fire at the suspects with his right hand—and he's left-handed!
Flickr user RGP When news came in that thousands of signal
Yesterday afternoon, 20-year veteran NYPD officer Feris Jones was promoted to detective
Cox's revolver. (Via WSJ) Feris Jones, the NYPD officer who stopped
With the month in which we celebrate All Hallows Eve upon us,
The police officer who was ordered to Taser an emotionally disturbed
Obama fever hasn't broken yet, at least not in Coney Island,
Was your New Year's resolution to forget about Diddy in 2009?
Perhaps more nightmare-worthy than clowns taking over, this past Monday the
"The most important band in the planet" could be slumming it in
If there is no such thing as bad publicity, then we
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