The driver was spotted by police "driving up and down" the promenade at a "high rate of speed."
One audience member suggested, to raucous applause, that if there had to be a temporary elevated roadway, it should be constructed over Brooklyn Bridge Park.
A major problem with the roadway is the concrete itself. It turns out it wasn't really designed for heavy trucks.
The portions of the BQE that need repairs were built in the 1940s and 50s, and include the infamous "triple cantilever" portions designed by Robert Moses; they were supposed to last just 50 years.
The study is set to cost $370,000, and an overhaul will be performed only if engineers and the DOT deem it feasible.
A few more details on the early Sunday morning stabbing outside
Photo by Tien Mao. There's nothing quite like walking hand in
How many trees have to die before someone does something about Olafur
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