Mayor Eric Adams and Schools Chancellor David Banks lifted the vaccine requirement this week.
"They've suggested the girls wear T-shirts under their dresses. My daughter won't wear a T-shirt. She would be mortified."
KFC finally stepped up to the big leagues with the most romantic of big gestures: fried chicken prom corsages.
The DOT triumphantly tweeted a photo of a well-dressed couple on Citi Bike, allegedly heading to prom.
Have an old prom dress taking up space in your closet? Donate it to Operation PROM!
Things must have gotten crazy, because on now-deleted Facebook photo albums the group referred to the event as "Yachtingtons."
In the wake of controversy, Roscoe has backed down on his plan: "I don't want to do anything against DOE policy." Giving out condoms at prom, of course, isn't against DOE policy.
A time-honored tradition of getting irreparably blazed before the senior prom went horribly awry for a group of teens in Glassboro, New Jersey on Friday night.
This is the right of every youngblood in America, but one Staten Island high school has done the unthinkable, and cancelled prom for a fourth of the graduating class.
St. Anthony's Catholic HS has barred a lesbian student from bringing her ex-girlfriend to prom as her date. "We thought it would send a mixed message to OK her request," said the principal.
It's prom season! And this year, teenagers want to vomit up
Ah, to be young again. Two teens from Staten Island recently
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