Okoumou was charged with three misdemeanors for protesting the Trump Administration's separation of families at the border.
Prosecutors had asked for two months prison time.
He may be able to keep his law license, too.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Kathryn Erbe's creepy stalker received five years probation in court today, after he claimed that he was raped in a Brooklyn jail.
John Tluczek was so grateful not to get jail time for grifting thousands from banks he gave a rambling speech that the presiding judge quipped "was beginning to sound like an Academy Awards speech."
An Ohio resident recently learned the hard way that maybe one
Rape victim Ashley Yesterday, it was reported that admitted rapist Tony
It's four mugshots and counting: Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan went back
Earlier this year, actor Rip Torn was arrested for breaking into
Photo via the AP Hungry for some more details about the
That Brooklyn bad girl Foxy Brown is back at it! The
Victim Danielle Ricco Yesterday, a cabbie who stopped taking his seizure
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