Private schools

The vaccine mandate will apply to approximately 56,000 employees at 938 schools across New York City.
“There seems to be a lot of theatrics involved in moving forward."
"At this point everything's on the table, including action."
Yeshiva leaders and their supporters say the new regulations violate religious freedom.
Of the 250,000 non-public school students in NYC, 110,000 attend Jewish yeshivas.
If your kid doesn't get into the private school you want, it's likely because you spent 15 minutes on the phone arguing with your interior decorator about yoga techniques during a school tour.
Elite schools do it different than the rest of us.
Some parents are so fed up they are moving to... the suburbs.
For the second time in four months the director of admissions at the posh Dalton School has been the subject of a fawning profile about how much she scares rich parents.
Between the all-new Avenues and the Grace Church High School expansion, September 2012 is going see a whole new landscape for private education in lower Manhattan.
The incoming kindergarten class at Dalton this year will be "47 percent diverse."
Most alarming is that New York's private schools offer a significantly lower amount of financial aid to their students compared to Ivy League universities.
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