The coronavirus pandemic is forcing transit officials to weigh the concerns of public health against those of privacy.
In his decision, DHCR's deputy commissioner Woody Pascal asserted that the state has a right to consider privacy when it comes to allowing changes in building services.
Still, the cameras, which weren't previously disclosed, raise many ongoing privacy concerns.
Someone took a photo of A-Rod while he was on the toilet in his Park Avenue apartment.
He also called the NYPD "the most transparent municipal police department in the world."
"[W]e must cast out this idol."
On Wednesday, NYC-based Uber customers received an email with the subject line "The government wants to know where you're headed ... on every ride."
He is the first federal judge to take on the issue.
But they have to tell us a little more about the cancer risks.
"New Yorkers' private online activities shouldn't be used to create a massive database that's within the ready grasp of the NYPD."
"Our agents would dispute that having a conversation at a restaurant or a gym is private. There should not be an assumption of privacy."
Puno refused to tell her customers what she had planned on doing with the data, and they signed a document releasing their information to her and allowing it to be shared and displayed.
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