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The state inspector general found that Black incarcerated people are 22% more likely to be cited for ‘misbehavior.’

Erick Tavira was pronounced dead shortly after 2 a.m. on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths in custody or shortly after release this year to a number higher than last year's historic figure of 16.

He is the 15th person to die in city custody or shortly after being released this year.

A report produced for a state legislative commission by Rutgers University researchers found 25% of those released in November 2020 were rearrested.

Imprisoned for murder and then released from a life sentence after forming a master plan of self-improvement, Chris Wilson dreamed of a New York City exhibition, and then made it happen

A ruling by the state Supreme Court will free the officer's killer after repeated denials of parole.

A report from the Vera Institute of Justice said nationally the number of incarcerated people dropped by 16% from pre-pandemic levels.

Governor Phil Murphy re-declared a public health emergency this month, reactivating a law that lets inmates get out early.

In his first week in office, Bragg issued a memo to staff telling them to stop prosecuting crimes such as trespassing, traffic violations, resisting arrest and prostitution.