A report produced for a state legislative commission by Rutgers University researchers found 25% of those released in November 2020 were rearrested.
Imprisoned for murder and then released from a life sentence after forming a master plan of self-improvement, Chris Wilson dreamed of a New York City exhibition, and then made it happen
A ruling by the state Supreme Court will free the officer's killer after repeated denials of parole.
A report from the Vera Institute of Justice said nationally the number of incarcerated people dropped by 16% from pre-pandemic levels.
Governor Phil Murphy re-declared a public health emergency this month, reactivating a law that lets inmates get out early.
In his first week in office, Bragg issued a memo to staff telling them to stop prosecuting crimes such as trespassing, traffic violations, resisting arrest and prostitution.
Correction Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi issued a frantic letter to public defenders this week calling on them to help reduce the incarcerated population.
Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo commuted very few sentences while in office. Criminal justice groups say they're seeing signs that Hochul may be more responsive.
Nearly 5,300 adults and juveniles were released from state custody under a state law that gave incarcerated people health credits to get out early.
“Today is about protecting human life, the lives of the people who are incarcerated as well as correctional officers,” Hochul said.
Self-harm — including suicides — at Rikers Island and other local lockups spiked last summer as COVID-19 ravaged New York, figures obtained by WNYC/Gothamist and THE CITY show. The rate’s climbed to historic levels in the months since.
“We are very disappointed that he did not grant more.”
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