Barry Diller will be rid of his mistake.
Editor-in-chief Tina Brown said it cost $42 million to print Newsweek.
You will now only get six issues of Spin a year (which is probably six more than you usually get).
For this week's installment of Market Fresh, we talk to PRINT's pastry chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez to find out what she does with cherries.
Sparkdance's Flickr [UPDATE BELOW] Veteran Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett has
Tomorrow morning, it's expected that Newsweek and The Daily Beast will
Feeling depressed about NY Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger's pronouncement that the
From Newsweek itself: "The Washington Post Co. announced today that it
On Wednesday, Lazard Freres chief Bruce Wasserstein died, leaving questions about
Naturally, since tonight is the first game of the American League
After looking for bids since July, the NY Times Co. has
Since Mayor Bloomberg was busy preparing for a mayoral debate and
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