Prince andrew

“He publicly cooperate with law enforcement investigating the crimes committed by Jeffery Epstein. So I think, in that context, it’s fair for people to know if Prince Andrew has followed through."
'He has apologized again and again for the error of judgment. But what he did wasn’t criminal. It was a mistake. He went to see a friend to tell them he couldn’t be their friend any more.'
The FBI will examine security cameras from MCC, more of Epstein's victims meet with prosecutors, and a close look at Prince Andrew's hands.
Almost 30 women attended a hearing to dismiss the case against the deceased financier, sharing eerily similar stories of Epstein's abuse.
Plus Prince Andrew denies the allegations, and more Epstein updates.
A globe-trotting Manhattan socialite and fashion designer, best known for making out with Prince Andrew, has been arrested for allegedly shoplifting an $11,000 fur-lined scarf. Guess she shouldn't count on any royal invites anytime soon.
Attorney General and still unofficial gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo isn't fooling
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