Primary 2018

Wasn't the Board of Elections just sued for this crap?
County committees set the rules for political parties, elect leadership and determine the local party's budget. They also choose which candidates to run in a special election. So how can you get involved?
Politics can change you. You become a public figure. People project their wishes and dreams upon you, and if you are not careful, you will grow drunk on your own hype.
'It is distressing to me that Andrew Cuomo did not pay a higher price at the polls for his failure to fix the subway system or even pretend to care about it.'
While Nixon did well in parts of the city like North Brooklyn, those votes were not nearly enough to oust the incumbent governor.
'I’m a little bit in disbelief,' said Susan Kang, the founder of the fundraising group No IDC. 'This was my dream. I didnt think this was going to happen.'
Posters and op/eds published in Orthodox newspapers, as well as some reported to be posted in schools and sent home with yeshiva students, warned of the dangers of electing a liberal Democrat like Blake Morris.
'We need to show we're taking money out of politics, that we're building a people-powered movement, and sending a strong message that if we do the work we can make change possible.'
'They knew that we were a threat to the concentration of wealth and power in this state,' Salazar told cheering supporters Thursday night.
Teachout’s political attraction has never been just about winning races—it’s been about the greater insurgent movement that many believe she helped move forward when she first stepped up to challenge Cuomo four years earlier.
Senator Alcantara is running a tight primary race against Robert Jackson, who lost to her in 2016 by less than 600 votes.
Once again, NYC voters find themselves mysteriously dropped from the rolls, relisted under different districts, and even assigned to new parties.
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