Former Vice President Joe Biden’s standing in the polls may have declined precipitously in recent months, but in New York he’s surging—at least among the party faithful.
Paladino's campaign director has openly engaged with white supremacists online.
'They knew that we were a threat to the concentration of wealth and power in this state,' Salazar told cheering supporters Thursday night.
Governor Andrew Cuomo, who controls the state party, has insisted that he has nothing to do with it.
According to the Nixon campaign, she's raised around $2,000 overnight with an opportunity to nosh on a bagel with the candidate.
Coincidentally, there is a contested democratic primary on September 13th.
Embattled state Senate hopeful Julia Salazar was arrested as a teenager for allegedly impersonating the ex-wife of Met legend Keith Hernandez. Yup.
'I think there’s a lot of recognition across the state that the way Andrew Cuomo does his politics and governing is deeply intertwined and that is to the detriment of New York.'
Political observers and advocates say that certain planks of Nixon's platform—on subjects ranging from housing to education to transit—could stand to be fleshed out.
'We didn't establish an abortion fund, in part because of some of the concerns of Right to Life, which was led by Julia.'
Despite Alexandria Occasio-Cortez's stunning congressional victory in last month's primary, Crowley has reportedly refused to vacate the Working Families Party line.
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