More than a dozen women have come forward in recent weeks to accuse a Queens-based Catholic priest of sexual abuse, alleging that decades of predatory behavior was covered up by both Maspeth's Holy Cross Church and the Diocese of Brooklyn.
At least two people were killed and six others were injured in separate incidents last night.
"Keith has been Father Miquelis gay, for-pay prostitute...More specifically, Father Miqueli is Keith Crist’s toilet slave."
He wrote, "I look forward to my ultimate vindication, and being able to resume my priestly ministry."
Slave/Master relationships, siphoning money from church donations, drinking pee, and more details from the lawsuit.
The priest previously denied the affair, calling the woman in question his "goddaughter."
A NJ priest has been arrested after he allegedly pointed a musket at an 8-year-old boy and threatened him because the child was rooting against the Giants.
A retired Brooklyn monsignor was arrested yesterday and accused of attempted to molest two teenage boys this past Thursday.
"She didn't protest to getting a massage...She was wearing short skirts," the priest said last night, according to prosecutors.
James McGreevey, NJ's infamous former governor who famously declared himself a "gay
The high ranking New York-based priest who was found guilty of
A NJ Priest has been accused of extreme rudeness by two
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