Pride weekend

"The park was packed and people were just having a good time after the Queer Liberation March. Then all of a sudden we started seeing dozens of police vans circle around the park with their sirens and lights flashing..."
Black Dyke Power was the theme this year, and as we're seeing at all of these first-time-since-COVID events, the overall atmosphere was rowdy, joyous, slightly disbelieving, and festive as hell.
The outfits were as outlandish as always, but there were far fewer marchers this year
The demand for change was directed at a host of issues at this year's protest march.
The Pride March is happening on Sunday, June 30th.
Equal parts sexy celebration and righteous protest, the event saw several hundred marchers make their way from Tompkins Square Park to the Stonewall Inn.
This year the march will not end in Greenwich Village.
The big Manhattan gay Pride march happens this coming Sunday, June 24th, but the Bronx had their own event yesterday.
The club performed its last drag show and stripper party on Saturday night.
The 21st Annual Dyke March went down on Saturday.
Lady Gaga kicked things off in stirring fashion last night at Pier 26 by singing The Star-Spangled Banner and giving an emotional speech.
The Empire State Building even has a SPARKLY HALO.
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