Self-described as "a protest march, not a parade," the Dyke March works without permits or sponsors to bolster identity, celebrate community and confront discrimination.
Justice Clarence Thomas's concurring opinion suggests to many that same-sex marriage and other rights could be at risk.
The 28th annual protest took to the streets last night from Tompkins Square to Stonewall Inn.
From the Drag March to the Queer Liberation March, check out everything you need to know about this year's major Pride Weekend festivities.
Viewed as the perfect laid-back alternative to other pride events in the city, Brooklyn Pride provided some locals with a comfortable first public Pride experience.
Several prominent political groups plan to boycott a Tuesday pride reception because of Mayor Eric Adams' planned appearance, citing his hiring of several administration officials who have supported groups with anti-LGBTQ sentiments.
"The park was packed and people were just having a good time after the Queer Liberation March. Then all of a sudden we started seeing dozens of police vans circle around the park with their sirens and lights flashing..."
The official Pride March was still mostly virtual, but a huge crowd took to the streets for the annual Queer Liberation March.
Black Dyke Power was the theme this year, and as we're seeing at all of these first-time-since-COVID events, the overall atmosphere was rowdy, joyous, slightly disbelieving, and festive as hell.
Hundreds marched from Tompkins Square Park to the Stonewall Inn on Friday night for the annual event.
It's Pride Weekend in NYC, and here's where you can celebrate.
The red paint splattered onto Washington is among the targeted graffiti against slave owners in American history around the country amid nationwide protests against racist police violence.
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