Price gouging

The city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection received more than 38,000 complaints of price gouging in a 12-month span, a 114% increase compared to the same time period the previous year.
Increased gas prices are more likely the result of increased demand as more vaccinated people travel or return to their commutes to work and school.
One store was selling a single N95 face mask for $45, a summons says.
FBI agents arrested Baruch Feldheim and charged him with assaulting a federal officer and with making false statements to law enforcement -- he faces up to five years in prison and fines of up to $350,000.
A new state bill would determine what price hikes would be deemed excessive price gouging during public health emergencies, like the COVID-19 outbreak.
New Yorkers can call this number to report price gouging: 1-800-697-1220.
Still worth it.
Logically, more cabs on the street is good for passengers. But when does surge pricing become price gouging?
Surge pricing goes into effect when demand for a car reaches exceptional levels, with examples including Halloween, New Year's Eve, and yes, Icy Wet Snow Day From Super Hell.
You don't even want to know.
Fresh Direct is selling ramps for 8 bucks a bunch, over the $3 price at the local greenmarkets.
Ladies, drag queens, and anyone else who likes to cake on
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