A survey of 1,000 hospitals nationwide found that only about 14% were in full compliance with price transparency regulations — and none of the 12 hospitals analyzed in New York City and Long Island were among them.
In NYC, we're lucky to have some of the greatest tap water in the entire world, but some people insist on buying bottled water from stands. And they're getting ripped off in the process.
The awesome exhibit now costs 4 more bucks.
Do you have six dimes? Then you can get the new vintage-look Playboy at the newstand!
MoMA is raising their admission fee come September 1st, from $20 to $25.
Despite losing nearly 25 percent of their circulation over the last four years, the NY Post is rumored to be increasing the newsstand price a quarter, to 75 cents.
Photo via kerfuffle & zeitgeist's flickr As pedicab operators make the
Via Slice A few weeks ago the price of a slice
With the Met Museum announcing a series of layoffs, it's not
With the price of flour down so low that even PETA activists
Sure, lung cancer is hellish, but nothing motivates smokers to quit like
The state-controlled price for a gallon of milk went up another 44
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